Coach Joe Brockhoff’s, Super 8 Hitting System – My Honest Review

Super 8 Hitting System Review

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Super 8 Hitting System Review site.  If you’re here, then you’re probably trying to figure out if the Super 8 Hitting System, created by Hall of Fame coach Joe Brockhoff is worth the time and money.  Well, you’ve come to the right place – welcome to my Super 8 Hitting System Review site.

Who am I anyway and why am I doing a Super 8 Hitting System Review anyway?

My name is Ed, and I’ve been a baseball coach for 17 years, and I’m currently coaching at a local Southern California high school.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my players, both as individuals, and as a team, and I’ve been using the Super 8 Hitting System with my players over the last year, so I’ll be giving you an honest Super 8 Hitting System review.

This is a review site:  Click Here To Visit Coach Joe Brockhoff’s Official Super 8 Hitting System Website

super 8 hitting system review

What is the Super 8 Hitting System?

The Super 8 Hitting System is a complete, and comprehensive, baseball hitting mechanics system.  Coach Brockhoff created drills for any fault in a baseball player’s hitting mechanics.  In the complete system there are 8 DVDs, but I personally have three that I study over and over, that have transformed the players that I have worked with.



My personal favorite Super 8 Hitting DVDs.

As I mentioned, there are three DVDs that I review frequently, and I always seem to learn something new each time I watch that I missed previously.  My top three are:

  • The ProStroke Steps DVD
  • Super 8 Combos DVD
  • The Hitting Agenda DVD

The ProStroke Steps DVD breaks down all the steps in the Super 8 Hitting System from head to toe.  Coach Brockhoff explains all the parts of proper hitting mechanics from the feet, legs, hips, shoulders, arms, head and eyes.  He gives you the do’s and don’ts for each part of a hitter’s mechanics, and illustrates these points with one of his players.

The Super 8 Combos DVD is the first DVD in the system that gives you several baseball hitting drills that you can use to improve your player’s baseball hitting immediately.  Coach Brockhoff teaches drills for the proper batting stance, including when to load, and when to stride.  You’ll learn where the hands should be during every point in the swing.  You’ll learn hitting drills to eliminate loops and swings in the stroke, and much more.  I could go on and on, but I trust that you get the idea.  This DVD is packed with lots of hitting drills.super 8 hitting system review

Now for my favorite DVD in the system.  The Hitting Agenda!  This DVD gives you a specific circuit of drills that you should run your players through on a regular basis.  The hitting agenda starts with judgmental drills to train your players to see the ball better, which Brockhoff says is one of the main reasons that hitters say they aren’t hitting baseball.  The second set of drills are the contact drills, and they’re designed to get the players into the all important drive position during their approach to the ball, thus improving their plate coverage and hitting power.  Lastly, coach Brockhoff goes through several specialty drills that will further improve a player’s mechanics.

Click Here To Visit Coach Brockhoff’s, Official Super 8 Hitting System Website

What are the negatives of the Super 8 Hitting System?

An honest Super 8 Hitting System Review would not be complete without talking about the negatives.  In every training system there are flaws, so here are some of the negatives that I noticed while using coach Brockhoff’s system.

- Just like anything else, the Super 8 Hitting System is not a silver bullet.  It won’t instantly transform your players into awesome hitting machines overnight.  You will have to run the drills with your son, daughter or team, but it will cut their learning time down dramatically.

- It’s all up to the player whether or not they really do want to improve.  The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  It’s that same with coach Brockhoff’s hitting system.  The player has to have the desire to get better, and that is one thing that’s not included in the system.  There are players on my team that have used the same stale, unproductive mechanics for years, and they refuse to change… It’s so frustrating.

- Although there are a lot of drills that you don’t need specific tools for, you might want some of the tools that coach Brockhoff demonstrates in his videos.  They cost more money, so that’s all up to you; however, you can make the tools yourself, like I did.  Below are pictures of my Reader Board, and my Brockbuster Bat that I made myself.

super 8 hitting system review

Reader Board


super 8 hitting system review

Brockbuster Bat








What are the good things about the Super 8 Hitting System?

- Coach Joe Brockhoff’s, Super 8 Hitting System is very easy to follow.  Everything is demonstrated by coach Brockhoff’s students, and explained by coach Brockhoff himself.

- There are drills for every flaw you might encounter in a hitter’s batting mechanics.  Again, they are all demonstrated for you by his players, and explained.

- The Super 8 drills are not complicated and they start to work almost immediately.  Repetition is the mother of skill, and the more your players do the drills, the better they will get.  As I mentioned before, the system is not a silver bullet, but it will improve your player faster than anything else that I’ve seen in my 17 years of coaching and learning.

- The GUARANTEE!  The guarantee  for the Super 8 Hitting System is awesome!  I’ll just give you a screenshot from their information page, because it tells you all you need to know.

super 8 hitting system review

What’s my overall impression of the Super 8 Hitting System Review?

The Super 8 Hitting System by coach Joe Brockhoff is the most complete hitting instruction that I have ever used.  It’s not some little hitting tips program that regurgitates the same hitting drills that have been taught year after year.  The drills are fresh, and they produce results.

In addition, coach Joe Brockhoff is someone that speaks, and teaches, with authority.  As mentioned in my post where I talk about who coach Joe Brockhoff is, he has a winning record at Tulane university.  In fact, here is some of what I said in that post:

While at Tulane University coach Brockhoff compiled an impressive winning record of 641-358-2.  In addition to this awesome record, his teams scored more than 7,000 runs, got more than 9,000 hits, and crushed 900 home runs.  Not only that, 45 of his players continued on to play professional baseball.  Because of these accomplishments, coach Joe Brockhoff was also inducted into the Tulane Athletic Hall of fame.

Coach Joe Brockoff’s record is impressive!

So, if you’re struggling at all with your baseball hitting, or you’re trying to improve your son, daughter, or baseball team, then you’ve found the solution to your problem.

I’ve been using the Super 8 Hitting System for over a year with my players, and it’s the best hitting instruction that I have ever seen.  If you’re serious about hitting, then I would definitely recommend picking it up.  You won’t have any regrets.

I hope my Super 8 Hitting System Review site was helpful to you.  Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer for you.  I wish you and your teams (unless we’re opponents ;) ), the best.

Coach Ed – Super 8 Hitting System Review

Click Here To Visit Coach Joe Brockhoff’s, Official Super 8 Hitting System Website

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Super 8 Hitting = Real Results

Super 8 Hitting Equals Real Results

I just wanted to give you a quick update regarding how the Super 8 Hitting techniques have worked for my little league, and high school teams.  Yes, I was crazy enough this season to take both a Juniors Little League team, and help coach a high school freshman team, where it so happened that I was given the responsibility of working with the freshman hitters.  I learned a lot coaching high school ball, but WOW, what a time commitment!

Super 8 HittingUh… Maybe not THAT crazy.  :)

Back to my Super 8 Hitting Results…

So in regard to my Little League team, I was able to get ALL of my players hitting by using the Super 8 Hitting techniques that coach Joe Brockhoff teaches in his system.  One of the most important tools in Super 8 Hitting is the reader board.  The reader board, like coach Brockhoff says, is a road map to approaching the baseball whether the pitcher throws a fast ball, or a breaking ball, and helps a hitter approach the ball better, and smarter.

Super 8 Hitting System Review - Reader Board

How Did My Little League Team Do?

The Super 8 Hitting reader board was key in helping both my Little League , and high school teams become better hitters.

The reader board has nine baseballs with “cut lines” that show you what angle your bat should be in, when you make contact with the baseball.  Specifically, the angle of the bat barrel, or “percussion” of the bat, like coach Brockhoff calls it.  Pictured above is a photo of the first reader board that I made for my Little League team.  I later made another for the high school team, because the varsity hitting coach asked me to make them one.

Take a look at the reader board and you’ll notice that there are red lines, and black lines, marked on the baseballs.  The red “cut lines” are for right handed batters, and the black cut lines are for the left handed batters.  The “cut lines” show the angle that the bat barrel should be at when a batter makes contact with the baseball,  as I mentioned previously, the reader board helped my batters hit the curve ball better too!Super 8 Hitting

In Super 8 Hitting, the reader board helps a baseball player understand the angle of the bat at contact, but it also helps your players understand that different pitchers have a different break on their breaking balls, and each type should each be approached in a different manner. I’ve numbered the reader board to the right to explain this concept.

If a right handed batter is facing a right handed pitcher, the pitcher may throw a breaking ball that starts at #5 in the zone, and breaks down to #9.  Once they have seen the break, they know, thanks to the reader board, where in the zone to meet that particular pitchers curve ball.  This helps a batter make more consistent, and solid contact with the breaking ball.

I told my players that it’s important to talk to one another once they have had their at bats.  They learned to come back to the dugout and tell each other what kind of break that particular pitcher had on his breaking ball.  Remember, a breaking ball can be a slurve, curve, or even a slider.  So a slider, for example, might break from #4 to #9, on a right handed batter.  The reader board, in my opinion is the best tool to teach Super 8 Hitting.

My Little League team, thanks to the reader board, even got my weakest hitters making solid contact.  In fact, the weakest hitter on the team at the beginning of the season, ended up making better contact, because of super 8 hitting drills that we practiced, than some of my better hitters… I just wish he was faster.  :(   Well, I guess you can’t have it all.  :)

How Did the High School Team Do?

The freshmanbatted over .350 as a team.  We clinched first place before the end of our season, and almost everyone was hitting the baseball.  What really was impressive though was the fact that our team had some challenges hitting the curve ball at the beginning of the season, but by then end of the season they were able to make more consistent contact with the breaking ball.

Lastly, in regard to the high school team, we had a game with only 1 strikeout toward the end of the season.  Our only strikeout was a player that came in cold off the bench as a pinch hitter.  He was one of our better hitters actually, but I guess it was his time to strike out.

Thank God, and Coach Brockhoff ;) , for the Super 8 Hitting System

I’m proud of both my teams, and I’m so glad that I learned Super 8 Hitting techniques, because it made the players on both my teams improve their hitting.   I will definitely be teaching Super 8 Hitting to all my team from now on.


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The Lumberjack, the Baseball Player, and the Knocking Knuckles

A lumberjack and a baseball player have one major thing in common when they go out to do their jobs.  They both have to be as accurate as possible with the tools of their trade; specifically, their axe and their baseball bat.

A baseball player, trying to hit a baseball, should pay close attention to how a lumberjack holds his axe.  For a lumberjack, their hands are actually forced to grip the axe handle properly.  What do I mean?  Well, take a look at the picture below showing a couple of styles of axe handles.  Notice that unlike a baseball bat handle, axe handles are oblong, and not round.

Have you ever wondered why they aren’t round like a baseball bat handle?  The reason they’re oblong is because the axe handle shape forces your knocking knuckles (the knuckles you use to knock on a door) to line up in a straight line on the handle.  The lumberjack knows that when the knocking knuckles are lined up on the handle, they will be as accurate as possible with the head of the axe, and they’ll hit their intended target more often than not.

So how does this fact help a baseball player that steps into the batter’s box do their job better?

Consider this.  It’s true that a baseball bat handle is round; however, you can simulate the oblong axe handle by first gripping the bat with your fingers first, and then closing your hand around the bat handle.  This will cause your knocking knuckles to line up properly.  You can also just grip that bat like normal, and then turn your hands on the handle so that you can see that  your knocking knuckles are lined up properly.  One key point though, is to never have the baseball bat handle deep in your palm.  Whit the handle deep in your palm you knocking knuckles will never line up.

Here’s a picture of Albert Pujols.  He’s one of the best baseball sluggers out there, with a ton of home runs (HR).  Notice the position of his hands, specifically his knuckles on the bat handle.  That’s right, his knuckles are lined up, as they should be.

I hope that all this makes sense to you, and makes you a better hitter.  Please email me if you have any questions, and feel free to comment on this post is you’d like.

Please allow me to make one final point.  Accuracy is key for both a lumberjack, and a baseball player, but take a look at the video below, and you’ll see just how important a lumberjack’s accuracy is.  One bad swing, and this guy may lose a toe, or even his foot.  Watch his accuracy in hitting the lines marked on the wood, when he turns to face the camera.

Now, how’s that for accuracy?

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Squishing the Bug Hinders the Hips on Inside Pitches

The hips are crucially important in your hitting mechanics.  Your hips, as coach Brockhoff mentions, take you to the ball then you discipline your hands when you have to wait to swing the bat on a curve, or an off speed pitch.  That being said, there’s one thing that most coaches tell their players that actually keeps the hips from working properly in their hitting mechanics, and that one thing is, “Squish the bug”.

When you tell a player to squish the bug during their mechanics, it’s like dropping an anchor from the back hip.  What this means is that the batter won’t be able to fully rotate his hips 90° to turn on an inside fast ball.  If you’re getting pitches that are middle of the plate to the outside of the plate then this is not as much of a problem; however, I’m assuming that you want your batters to be able to hit pitches anywhere in the zone, right?

In fact, if you watch professional baseball players, most of the them actually come up on their back toe, some even drag their back toe forward a few inches, and then some will even completely lift their back toe off of the ground as they rotate their hips to square up with the pitch.

To illustrate, here are some examples that I found on YouTube.  These videos are great, because they are good quality slow motion videos, so you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about.

The first one is a video of David Ortiz.  Notice how Ortiz doesn’t squish the bug, but his back foot actually comes up on it’s toe and drags forward a couple of inches.

The next hitter is Hanley Ramirez.  His foot comes up off of the ground, and goes forward landing on his toe.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with a hitting drill you can use with your batters in which you’ll instantly notice their bat power increase.  It’s a simple drill in the Super 8 Hitting System, and coach Brockhoff calls it the “Quick Hips” drill.  Simply tell your hitters as you’re throwing them batting practice to snap their hips to the pitch, or explode with the hips.  I do this with my players every batting practice session, after they have been hitting with their normal mechanics for a few rounds, and I can always see an instant increase in power.

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3 Super 8 Hitting System Hitting Tips

3 Useful Hitting Tips

The Super 8 Hitting System puts a huge emphasis on making “direct” contact with the barrel of the bat, also known as the percussion of the bat, on the baseball.  Coach Joe Brockhoff says, in one of his baseball hitting drills videos, that it should be a “head on collision with the baseball”.   Doing so will increase your contact at the plate, so here are 3  important hitting tips that will help you be a better hitter.

3 Super 8 Hitting Tipshitting tips

Tip #1:  Stay short to the baseball.  What does this mean, you might ask?  It means that the barrel of the bat has to travel in a direct line to the baseball.  Think about the saying, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  If you can grasp this concept, you’re already on your way to becoming a better hitter.  This type of swing is the most efficient, cutting any extra distance that the barrel has to travel to make contact with the ball.

Tip #2:  Avoid sweeps in your swing.  The sweep is instantly eliminated by applying hitting tip number 1, and getting into a good drive position, as explained in my previous post, during your batting mechanics.  The sweep is caused by a batter moving his hands away from his or her body when going to the baseball.  Doing this causes the barrel of the bat to arch out, then around, toward the baseball instead of going in a straight line to the ball.  This motion causes a longer swing, and causes you to have to swing sooner.

Tip #3:  Avoid loops in your swing.  The loop is caused by hitters dropping the bat barrel off and behind their shoulder as they’re loading up and they’re about swing at the ball.  This motion once again lengthens the distance that the barrel has to travel to contact the ball, and is not very efficient.  You’ll see a lot of younger players doing this because the believe that the upward arch in a looping swing will make the baseball fly over the fence, but once again, a point “a” to point “b” approach works best.

Not Just Hitting Tips, but an Actual Plan

I learned all of these baseball hitting tips from the Super 8 Hitting System, and they’ve done wonders in getting my hitters to make better contact with the baseball at the plate.  Keep these hitting tips in mind when you’re teaching your players to hit, or when you’re hitting.  And if you need more help, coach Brockhoff has several drills in his hitting program that will help any player stay short to the ball, and make contact with the sweet spot of the bat.  The Super 8 Hitting System isn’t just a bunch of hitting tips, but an actual road map, a system, to make you a better batter.

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The Highly Important Super 8 Hitting System Drive Position

If you didn’t catch it by now, the Super 8 Hitting System breaks the hitting mechanics into 8 individual steps.  I’ve learned that the most important step; however, is the drive position.

The drive position in the Super 8 Hitting System is a point in the hitting mechanics in which you can hit the baseball anywhere in the strike zone.  Whether it’s inside, outside, down the middle, high or low.  This drive position causes your hands to go in a direction that keeps them inside the baseball, causing your swing to be short, and the barrel to go directly to the ball without adding extra length to your swing.

This is the Drive Position

The key points of the Super 8 Hitting System drive position are as follows:


  • The drive position is the KEY action in hitting
  • Hips and shoulders turn and square up to the pitch
  • The back arm is in a powerful “V” position
  • The top hand is ready to fire at the pitch
  • The front arm is in an “L” position
  • The bottom hand pulls the bat knob to the ball
  • Back leg thrusts
  • Back foot on toe
  • Front leg weight is on inside of heel



Coach Joe Brockhoff’s, Super 8 Hitting System has taught me, how to teach my players, to stay inside the ball, which means that my players hands do not separate, sweep, or cast away, from their bodies during their swing.  This is important because when your hands come away from your body during the swing, you add inches to the path that the barrel takes to the baseball, thus giving you less time to react to the pitch, because you have to start your swing earlier.

I’ve also learned that from this optimal hitting position you eliminate the loop in the swing.  This is when you see players that swing like they’re trying to hit the ball “up” to the moon.  The barrel drops behind them, and then loops up, once again adding inches to their swing.  The sweep, and the loop, are both eliminated because the barrel of the bat goes in a straight line from point A to point B, with no extra inches added to the swing.

As you can see, the drive position is the best position to get into before swinging, and hitting :) , the baseball.  The Super 8 Hitting System drills have made me look like a genius hitting instructor.  I’m not of course, but the simple to follow instructions and drills taught by coach Joe Brockhoff, are easy to follow and easy to teach.  So if you can get your players into a good drive position like coach Brockhoff instructs, you’ll see improvement straightaway.

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Baseball Coach Joe Brockhoff and the Super 8 Hitting System

Who is Coach Joe Brockhoff?coach joe brockhoff

One of the hardest things to do in sports, as you may have heard, is hitting a baseball.  So, if that’s the case, then how do you learn to be an above-average baseball hitter?  Well, about a year ago I figured it out, and the answer came in the form of Tulane University baseball coach Joe Brockhoff.

Coach Joe Brockhoff – Tulane University

While at Tulane University coach Brockhoff compiled an impressive winning record of 641-358-2.  In addition to this awesome record, his teams scored more than 7,000 runs, got more than 9,000 hits, and crushed 900 home runs.  Not only that, 45 of his players continued on to play professional baseball.  Because of these accomplishments, coach Joe Brockhoff was also inducted into the Tulane Athletic Hall of fame.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about coach Joe Brockhoff, please allow me to tell you why I’ve decided to put this review site together.  It’s because I’ve been coaching baseball for about 17 seasons, and out of all the books and videos that I’ve studied about hitting a baseball, the Super 8 Hitting System is the best hitting instruction program that I’ve ever seen.

Coach Joe Brockhoff has done us the honor of showing EXACTLY, from the batting stance to finishing the swing, how to develop the best baseball hitting mechanics possible.  Not only that, these proper batting mechanics will get you hitting the baseball more consistently, AND with more power.  I know, because I teach coach Brockhoff’s hitting mechanics to my baseball players, and they all improve.

Just about every “hitting program” that I’ve seen out there just regurgitates the same old lessons about hitting, and the same old drills; however, the Super 8 Hitting System is very different, and unique.  In fact, my favorite disc in the series is called the hitting agenda, and in this video coach Brockhoff shows you exactly how to hone your newly learned hitting mechanics.  This DVD includes 15 different drills that are broken up into three types of skills, judgmental drills, contact drills, and specialty drills.

Coach Joe Brockhoff is not a copy cat hitting coach.  I’m very grateful that he decided to share his baseball hitting secrets with the world… Uh, call me selfish, but I actually don’t want my competitors to get their hands on this hitting program.  Since you’re here, and reading this, consider yourself very lucky.  Coach Brockhoff is the best of the best when it comes to hitting instructors, and he was gracious enough to share his hitting knowledge with us.  Thanks coach Joe Brockhoff, thank you very much!

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